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Sunday, August 1, 2021

Anti-Vaxers, The Quarantine Gestapo & The End of Lockdown, Whatever the Weather it's Extreme


"ANTI-VACCINE activists hounded people queuing outside a Covid-19 vaccination centre in Oxford yesterday in an attempt to convince them not to go ahead with immunisation." Oxford Mail, June 28th 2021

So not only are these unbelievably stupid people refusing to be vaccinated against COVID-19, the so-called 'Anti-Vaxxers' are also harassing sensible people waiting in line to be vaccinated. Even worse, they are approaching them with leaflets and conversation and not even wearing masks! Is this a good example of the survival of the fittest (some of the anti-vaxxers will clearly die unnecessarily) or am I being over critical of a certain segment of our society?

It seems that almost every day there is someone seriously ill or dying in hospital who says 'I'm an idiot, I should have got vaccinated'. 

And then of course there are the football fans and the clubbers.

And this is only the semi-final!

60,000 fans at Wembley mingling together for more than one match

President Macron, appalled by the low vaccine take up in France, has announced that people who refuse to get vaccinated will not be admitted to caf├ęs, restaurants and public places unless they pay for a test and show a recent negative result from August. He is also mandating that medical staff and carers get vaccinated. This is a grown up attitude that we should be taking everywhere as soon as there is sufficient vaccine to satisfy demand. Anti-Vaxxers are calling Macron 'Hitler'. No Comment.

The End of Lockdown

From July the 19th in England, all restrictions are lifted. With rising hospital admissions the government announces that vaccine passports will be required for entry to nightclubs from September. Can anyone explain to me how it can be okay to crowd into a nightclub from July the 19th, but so dangerous from September that you need proof of vaccination? Can there even be a valid explanation for such a profligate attitude?

Clubbers queue for nightclub entry on July 19th

Surveys show the vast majority of the public are against a total relaxation of all the safety regulations. It seems the government is not listening.

The Quarantine Gestapo & The End of Lockdown

On my return from France on July the 8th, our idiot government made me go in to quarantine despite the fact that the infection rate in France (323 positive cases per 1 million people tested in prior 7 days) was 10 to 20 times lower than in the UK (2,854) and where I live in Oxford (6,000). Both my wife and I received a separate daily phone call from the Home Office to check that we understood the rules. The conversation each day was identical. We also received a visit from a man wearing his mask around his chin who was checking to see if we were at home. He was unable to check our names, so I am not sure what he reported back.

Meanwhile, the infection rate remains higher than in France, Greece and Italy, the England fans have done a great job super-spreading and my wife and I who are both fully vaccinated had to stay at home. We have had to pay hundreds of pounds for a series of PCR tests which are all negative.

What a criminal waste of public resources and attack on my human rights! I was being kind when I called our government idiots. The absurdity is overwhelming!

England fans were free to mingle while we had to quarantine indoors

Whatever The Weather, it's Extreme

Environmentalists have been warning about the consequences of climate change on our weather for years. We have seen poorer regions of the world regularly getting extreme weather often with massive loss of life.

The change this year has been the extent to which the rich world has been battered. Hundreds were killed in summer floods in Germany and Belgium; the summer fires across Oregon and California are worse than ever. Even in our French town, a hailstorm with hail larger than golf balls caused significant damage, including dozens of dents in the roofs of hundreds of cars. I hope this wake up call to the rich world will mean we start to take it seriously from now. We are running out of time to save our planet.

Large hailstones caused significant damage

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