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Thursday, February 1, 2018

Brexit kills UK wage growth and optimism, Shithole status can be positive, My Sigmoidoscopy, Eins Zwei Zero, HSBC advert, Quote for the month

Wage Growth forecast for 2018 across the world. Thank you Brexit!!

This chart is pretty staggering if you are British! The UK has been top of most economic charts for years. But just mix in a good dose of Brexit and hey presto! We are bottom! Worse than Italy. My my.

And just in case you were in any doubt, here's a survey on how optimistic people feel about 2018:

Shithole Status can be good for business

Haitians are taking action after their island nation was one of the areas described as a “shithole” by Donald Trump. In response parody tourism billboards for Washington DC are being crowdfunded to fight this perception:

I wouldn't be at all surprised if tourism increases as a result of the 'bad' publicity!

My Sigmoidoscopy

I was invited by the NHS to make an appointment for bowel cancer screening as part of a new preventative drive for 55 year olds. The appointment making process was easy, polite and flexible. And despite the fact that all this took place during January when, according to the media all non urgent procedures had been postponed on government advice, it was carried out on time without fuss or undue delay. During my wandering through the hospital to find the right department, there were no visible signs of stress or people waiting for long periods or anything the staff couldn't cope with.

A sigmoidoscopy is a procedure that lets the doctor look inside your sigmoid colon by using a flexible tube with a light on it. It helps the doctor check for ulcers, abnormal cells, polyps, cancer and other delightful things no doubt. I had to self administer an enema prior to leaving home to clean out my insides so that the camera would have full visibility.

It's called a sigmoidoscopy from the greek letter sigma because that part of the bowel is shaped like a sigma. And when the tube hits the corners of the sigma it is pretty painful getting it around the corner! The good news is that I could watch the entire procedure on a huge colour screen in front of me as the camera went up.

I was able to watch my procedure live
All went well I am pleased to say and the next check up is due in 5 years.

Congratulations to the NHS and the staff at the John Radcliffe hospital for the focus on prevention and for looking after me so well.

Eins Zwei Zero Wine

Now I understand the name. This 0% alcohol content wine had some very good reviews. At £7 a bottle it's not cheap but I thought I would give it a try. It is stocked at the local branch of Waitrose and as I don't drink at meals when I am going to be driving, this seemed like an excellent solution! 

Until I tasted it. The idea of being able to enjoy all the flavours of wine at dinner without being influenced by the alcohol is appealing at times. But not unfortunately if it tastes like slightly fizzy slightly bitter grape juice. I really could't see the resemblance to any wine I have ever tasted. And I could really buy quite a lot of decent fruit juice for £7. 

I understand the process of removing the alcohol is not easy but frankly they needn't have bothered. One, Two, Zero matches my expectations and then the reality...

HSBC Advert

Congratulations to HSBC in these increasingly insular times for creating their 'Global Citizen' advert that reminds us just how much we love and rely on people and their products from around the world!

Quote for the Month

"When I write I can shake off all my cares. My sorrow disappears and my spirits are revived."

Anne Frank, 5th April 1944.

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