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Monday, January 1, 2018

Highlights and Lowlights of the Christmas break, Reviewing my New Year Wishes, First Quote of 2018

Happy 2018!

I thought I would start this year reviewing some of the highlights and lowlights of my Christmas break:

New Star Wars film in 3D - great experience.

Wife and sons all down with flu - I was going to paint a red X on the front door to warn others to enter at their peril.

Elderly lady attempting to park in supermarket car park rams cars parked on either side as a small crowd gathers and starts to shout.

Great meal at L'Entrecote restaurant where everyone eats the same meal (an entrecote steak with their secret sauce), all the waiting staff are women only, and there are usually queues of 50+ people waiting outside to get a table.

Investing a few pounds in Bitcoin and Ethereum to see what happens (yoyo).

Two big family meals, one with 30 people, one with 12, one French, the other English.

Snow and other horrible weather (gales, very heavy rain, hail, sun, cold, warm, etc).

Return flight to London delayed by headwinds blowing at 250km/h and slowing us right down adding 30 mins to flight time. So we cruised at 580km/h instead of the usual 828km/h.

My tale of two teas: on our outward flight we were running late as I mis-calculated my timings but I just had time to get a nice cup of earl grey at Pret with a perfect dose of milk; unfortunately it was too hot to drink immediately and as they won't allow hot drinks on the bus that takes you from the gate to the plane, so I had to throw it in the bin at the gate! On our return flight no such problem as it was delayed by 30 mins so we sat down at Paul to enjoy a nice cuppa. Unfortunately, it was served as a cup of hot water, a tea bag and some frothy hot milk which when mixed together was unpleasant. I threw it in the bin again!

There you have it - a mixture of the banal and the less usual but life carries on, we just change the end digit on the year!

Wishes Review

This year I have decided not to express my three wishes for the New Year as I have done in prior years. My success rate is very poor, almost as if just by writing them, the opposite happens. My success rate is 33% at best. In the last two years, most of my wishes have failed to materialise:

If there is just one thing I would like to see in 2018, that would be some statesmanship. 

Definition of statesmanship:

A person who exhibits great wisdom and ability in directing the affairs of government or in dealing with important public issues.

We live in an era where statesmanship is in short supply.

First quote of 2018:

Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people. 
Eleanor Roosevelt

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