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Saturday, February 1, 2020

Off with their Heads, 75th Anniversary of Auschwitz, Goodbye EU: Let's look after The City of London.

Off with their Heads

The Royals have been taking up an awful lot of news and media space in recent months. Unfortunately it's all of their own making and the opposite result of what they desire. And it's depriving the UK public of the real local and world headlines.

Only the Coronavirus seems to have knocked the Royals off the front pages. For now. I used to like a bottle of Corona with a lime in the top of the bottle :)

Honestly with Prince Andrew spending vast amounts of time with a paedophile and not appearing to notice all the under-age girls milling around; now Harry and Meghan thinking that they can depart the Royal nest and become proper super-stars in their own right, earning tens of millions to support their lavish lifestyles. How out of touch can these people really be? They are doing huge amounts of damage to the Royal Family. I am not a royalist and have only tolerated them until now because they bring in tourists and generate income for the UK. I am seriously starting to have second thoughts.

Let them do whatever they want, but at their own expense; and all the land and property that belongs to the crown should over time be returned to public ownership. And that's one awfully large land and property portfolio.

75th Anniversary of Auschwitz 

I took this picture when I visited in 2012

Quite rightly there have been a whole series of commemorative activities to remember the 75 years that passed since the liberation of Auschwitz by the Soviet Army on January 27th 1945. There are fewer and fewer remaining survivors; many of those who are still active dedicate their retirement to visiting schools to explain to the youngest generation what happened and to do their best to ensure it is never forgotten. It seems that some of today's youngsters are not aware of the Holocaust and don't know who Hitler was. Shame on their parents.

Commemorations took place around the world to mark the end of the Holocaust, in which six million Jews and millions of Roma people, gay people, disabled people and political opponents were murdered, and to honour survivors of subsequent genocides in Cambodia, Rwanda, Bosnia and Darfur.

Picture of a survivor and his family taken by the Duchess of Cambridge

I recommend a visit to Auschwitz-Birkenau or one of the other camps to everyone once in your life. It is very hard to take in the level of evil that man can deliver to his brothers but still a very moving, memorable and extraordinary experience. I feel that the more people who visit, the less likely we are to do this sort of thing again. I took my two sons to visit.

Will mankind ever learn?

I like the role the Duchess of Cambridge is playing by supporting these commemorative events and she has even taken a series of photos - in the old Dutch style - of families touched by this tragedy. This shows that the Royals can be a force for good.

Goodbye EU: Let's look after The City

Today is the first day in 47 years that the UK will no longer be part of the European Union. My views on this are well known; I think we will be poorer culturally and economically as a result but we will survive and prosper notwithstanding.

Nothing will actually change until December 31st by which time we will supposedly have negotiated new trade agreements with nearly every country in the world. I think this is utterly unachievable but I wish our newly recruited negotiators well (the EU used to perform these negotiations so I understand we have been busy recruiting our own people). I would ask them to remember just how important the City of London is to the UK economically.

"Britain’s financial services sector contributed a record £75.5bn in tax in 2019, according to a new report on behalf of the City of London Corporation, amounting to 10.5 per cent of all government tax receipts.

The report, carried out by accounting giant PwC and released today, highlighted the value of financial services to the UK economy. Across the country the sector employs around three per cent of the UK workforce but contributed 11.6 per cent of all UK employment taxes thanks to significantly higher average salaries." City AM January 2020

Quote for this month

"United in Diversity" The European Union

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