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Monday, July 1, 2019

Wasp Vengeance, Prime Minister for a day on LBC Radio, Quote of the month

Wasp Vengeance

I was out trimming the hedge like I have done dozens of times and just as I started to trim the front with my electric hedge cutter, a bunch of wasps flew out and surprised me. One of them stung me on the nose in between my nostrils.

Of course I wasn't expecting an attack and was taken completely by surprise by these nasty little flying beasts. As I was in shock and not entirely sure what had happened, I ran inside and looked in the mirror to see what was happening to my nose amidst the acute pain. As my eyes were streaming, I couldn't actually see what my nose looked like so I ran the tap and bathed it in cool water.

After 5 minutes or so the pain subsided and turned into more of a deep ache that lasted for a few hours. The base of my nose was red and swollen. I really don't need an even bigger nose!

I then decided I need to act as the hedge still needed trimming and I didn't want a wasp nest in the middle of my garden. Each time I prodded the hedge, dozens of angry wasps would swarm out. So I went straight to Amazon, read the customer reviews of the various products for sale and purchased an aerosol with wasp poison in the form of foam, and a beekeeper's suit as recommended by several reviewers, both for free next day delivery.

This is me in my bee-keeper outfit. Very fetching?

I followed the instructions and it worked a treat. You can see the wasp nest covered in the foam in the picture below.  You can spray the foam in from a metre of two away. I only saw a couple more wasps immediately afterwards, and the following day there was no sign of any wasps and the foam had gone, leaving an empty nest - or a nest full of dead wasps perhaps. I haven't looked in too closely yet!

You can see the nest after I sprayed the foam on it.

Prime Minister for a day on LBC Radio

As I was driving home one afternoon listening to LBC radio, I heard the presenter, Eddie Mair, asking people to email in to say what their priorities would be if they were one of the 10 contestants competing to be the new Conservative Prime Minister to succeed Theresa May.

A couple of days later, I decided to write down my priorities and I sent this email in:

Dear Eddie

If I were Prime Minister I would want to dedicate our valuable skills and resources to tackle the biggest issues facing our great nation:

1. Healthcare, social care and pensions for an ageing population
2. Making social media safe, transparent and fair for everyone
3. Changing our way of life to protect our environment
4. Creating schools and education fit to arm our children for a world led by technology and automation

Unlike any of the official contenders for the job, I would scrap Brexit to make space to focus on these issues which will deliver real value to the people.

Kind Regards

Adam Sidbury

To my immense surprise, about a week later I got a call from the show's producer asking if I would like to be one of the 10 LBC contenders for PM and present my thoughts on air! At 17.22pm that evening, I went live on the show and talked about the four issues for a few minutes. You can listen using the link below if the recording is still up on the LBC website.

A recording of my interview was put up on the LBC website - link see below

In order to select the winner, I believe they are going to draw names out of a hat - clearly a more democratic approach than the Tory selection process!!

My ideas, generated a few comments in the chat on the LBC website, such as this:

"Is there any way that this kind of rabid remoaner dog can be put down in the same way, you'd put the rabid dog down?"  This was from someone whose social media name appears as "Remoan Supporters Are Poorly Evolved Retards".

Such lovely people! Who would want to go into politics? In my 30 years in business nobody has ever insulted me like that!

Quote of the Month
Is there any way that this kind of rabid remoaner dog can be put down in the same way, you'd put the rabid dog down?

"A liberal is a man too broad-minded to take his own side in a quarrel"

Robert Frost, Poet, 1874-1963, born San Francisco.

Is there any way that this kind of rabid remoaner dog can be put down in the same way, you'd put the rabid dog down?

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